Elliot Rosen - Vocals, Guitar

Dunebuggy - Bass

Dan Ruben - Guitar

Elliot Mapes - Drums

Born in the dying winter of 2005 in Cleveland Ohio, by Elliot Rosen, with Dunebuggy, Dan Ruben and Elliot Mapes solidifying the lineup, comes The Fullmoon Renegades out of the ashes of the current day "rock scene". Drawing inspiration from all things they consider to be cool, within the inner turmoil of their minds, they are highly imaginative and aggressive. After several unssuccesful album releases and appearances on various compilations over the years with original lineups that fell apart, the band sprang back to life in the summer of 2009 with the release of "Secrets Of The Past" and the albums successor "Destroy This." A new album is currently being recorded with an expected release this summer.


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