8/27 at Now That's Class

The Devil Knows Your Name OUT NOW!

We had a blast at our CD Release show.  Thanks everyone for coming out.  The Devil Knows Your Name is on sale now!  You can purchase it here on our website or get it directly from our distributor here.  We'll have the album on iTunes, Spotify and other online retailers and stores in the coming weeks, we'll keep everyone updated on where you can purchase the new album.


The Devil Knows Your Name


New Album Out This Spring

Our new album "The Devil Knows Your Name" will be out this spring.  We have a new track entitled "Pain Is The Ghost" up on our player.  Album artwork will be up soon along with some new show dates and a bigger update.  The Tracklisting is as follows.


1. You Are A Slave
2. Who Am I?
3. Pain Is The Ghost
4. Swamp Of Souls
5. The Dead Are Screaming
6. Blood Of The Scorpion
7. The Devil Knows Your Name
8. In My Image
9. Time Eater

Day Of The Dead Show with The Misfits and The Independents at The Agora.

We'll be playing November 1st at The Agora with The Misfits and The Independents.  We have tickets for $15 so shoot an email to us if you'd like to purchase any.  "Among The Unseen" is avaliable on Itunes, Interpunk, and tons of other internet retailers now.  Due to financial issues, "Until I Burn" and the videos are going to be pushed back for a bit, but they will be released eventually!  New merch and shows coming soon!


New release and video this fall!

Hello all, I'd like to start this out by reminding you that "Among The Unseen" is avaliable right now and can be purchased in our store or from our bandcamp page digitally.  The album should be on Interpunk and a few other stores and record shops within the coming weeks and eventually Itunes, Amazon, etc.

This past weekend of shows was incredibly fun, it was good to see people actually coming out and enjoying live music, hopefully this momentum can keep up.  We'll be booking quite a few more shows for the rest of the year.  Send us an email to fullmoonrenegades@hotmail.com if you'd like to book us.  We'll be trying to make our way to a state near you soon.

Our next show is at Now That's Class on July 6th


Now onto the new release.  I've been pretty excited about this one for a while.  As some of you may know, we were in the process of recording an EP last year, which never quite got finished or released.  I've decided to finish up some of these recordings and make a compilation album with these songs along with the entire "Destroy This" album, a few tracks from "Secrets Of The Past" and a handful of unreleased covers that were recorded during these sessions.  The name of the compilation will be called "Until I Burn" which is what the EP was originally titled.  A final tracklisting and album artwork will be revealed soon

We also have plans to start working on a music video for the song "My Woman Enraged" of off our new album in the coming months.  I'd like to have both this video and "Until I Burn" out by the end of Summer or begging of Fall.  I'll have more information as it comes so keep checking on here or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Hope to see you all soon!

-Elliot Rosen

Among The Unseen out now!

Last night's show with the Adicts was a great time.  We have a show on June 8th at Now That's Class with the Nick Wolff Band and then June 9th at The Foundry for Insanity Fest.  You can now purchase a copy of "Among The Unseen" from here . We also have a new shirt design out now as well in our Store section.

The Fullmoon Renegades on Tough Scene: Cleveland

Here we are interviewed on Tough Scene: Cleveland. We discuss aging rockstars, movies, Among the Unseen along with some upcoming shows and CJ gunn goes into some cool stories and info about The Ramones. Part 2 Coming Soon.


The Adicts, The World/ Inferno Friendship Society with The Fullmoon Renegades

Send us an email if you'd like to get tickets for $13


"Among The Unseen" to be released soon.
“Among The Unseen” will be released soon by Scoundrel Power Records. The final track listing is

1. Affection And Revenge
2. Revived, Come Back To Me
3. Our Disease
 4. Cosmic Disconnection
5. Among The Unseen
6. My Woman Enraged
7. Through
8. Immaculate Deprivation


Website and Store have launched!

The new Fullmoon Renegades website and store have launched.  There's still changes to be made in the coming months and lots of stuff to add.  Check back frequently.  More merch will be added to the store shortly.

Album update videos.

We are in the process of recording our new album schedueled for a release this year.   Here's some video from the recording sessions.




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